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Delhi, the capital city of India is one of the busiest metropolitans of the country. Being a major political hub, celebs center and one of the famous tourist a destination, the city attracts people from all over the world. The availability of varied cuisines makes the city of Delhi famous as a gastronomical destination.

Special Cuisine of Delhi

This capital city of India does not have any special cuisine, which can be related solely to the place. Though, being the city, which was earlier ruled by the Mughal dynasty for centuries, one of the most popular cuisine in Delhi is Mughlai. North Indian delicacies are even quite famous in the city.

Other Cuisines of Delhi Dining

Delhi got a mixed culture owing to the fact that from time to time the place has been invaded by Mughals, Afghans, Turks, Parthians, Scythians and British who did leave an impression of their characteristic food habit over the city. Apart from the favorite Mughlai food, a food lover can even taste sumptuous Indian, Chinese, Italian or Continental dishes served by the different restaurants in the metropolis. Besides that, Delhi is famous for its road side food. 

Famous Restaurants in Delhi 

Be it renowned cuisine or any road side junk food, Delhites are very much fond of tasty food. Connaught Place, being the heart of the city, houses numerous famous restaurants. Besides this, the Village Bistro Complex is even a popular dining destination in Delhi. Some of the renowned restaurants in Delhi, which are a must visit for a food lover, are:

Diva: Launched by the renowned chef Ritu Dalmia in the year 2000, Diva is a known destination for people who love Italian food. The place is more popular among youngsters for its perfect ambience.

Moti Mahal Deluxe: Moti Mahal, the first choice to all Delhite food lovers, is known for its  Mughlai taste

Punjabi by Nature: As known from its name, this restaurant is famous for serving heart-winning Punjabi dishes. In its exclusive interiors, Punjabi by Nature offers many  specialties which you can never found anywhere else.

Mainland China: Mainland Chin is famous for serving varied Chinese delicacies, even serves some of the best Chinese platters in Delhi. The place attracts food lovers for its extensive menu served in high class decor. Mainland China has 2 outlets in Delhi. 

Saravana Bhawan: Die hard south Indian fans prefer this one for all the authentic South Indian food.

Gulati’s: Offers buffet lunch, Good food and peaceful ambiance. The Kulfi shop just outside the restaurant is a must have.

Some of the other desired dining destinations in "Delhi Dining" are:
The Yum Yum Tree
Bukhara - ITC Maurya

Indian Accent
Slice of Italy
Smoke House Grill
Boheme for Mediterranean, European, Italian, Spanish


  1. I haven't been to the restaurants you list, though I've heard of most of them. Our favorite Delhi restaurant is Sagar Ratna, in CP, especially for the wonderful dosas!

  2. Thanks for the comment RONI :) Ahhh Sagar-Ratna is certainly a nice choice, Last week I had watermelon juice and button idly there!!

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