Waiting for Monsoon :)

Sweet-smelling wet soil, cloud-speckled skies and the sounds of raindrops lend a certain kind of freshness to the air to give a heartfelt introduction to monsoons and prepares you for the magical moments...

After scorching heat of this summer everyone is eagerly awaiting monsoon. Monsoon in India is dramatic. It's beauty can not be described in words. Parched land suddenly gets soaked with  water and earthy smell of first rains waft through the air.I can't wait to smell first rain.

As heat is increasing, weather is predicting for monsoon coming. It has touched Kerala this week, hopefully by next week we will welcome tiny drops, which converts into soothing rain..

The Monsoons are pouring in the South... I love monsoons, the pitter patter or pouring rain, the thunder, the lighting, the first rain smell... I m missing it all now, thought we saw small drizzle few days ago and climate start stabling in these hot parts of India. Once it come, Agra will become more beautiful and green. And I m waiting eagerly for it!!

Rains bring freshness in our surroundings... Check out some Rainy pictures :)


  1. It's so sweet how Indians love their monsoons! And after spending a full rainy season in Dharamshala, I can understand why! Reading your article and seeing the lovely photos takes me back to those carefree days that were filled with fresh cool breezes and wisps of mist floating amongst the hills.... and me dripping wet and sloshing through the puddles, my umbrella forgotten in the room...
    Ah, to be in India in July!


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