The Shopaholic in Me...

I have never referred to myself as a shopaholic- although I'm sure my family attest to the fact that I am one. I love shopping- I agree. But I'm not the manic shopper type who has to shop come what may. I don't empty my coffers at shops and I haven't sold my soul to the Devil in exchange for designer duds. At least not yet. :P But I enjoy shopping. I love the feeling of popping in and out of stores, finding out the latest trends, sometimes just window shopping or trying out a couple of clothes or shoes. And sometimes actually buying stuff.

Shopping in India can be a delightful and thrilling experience where you will be able to buy just about anything you are looking for. One of the fun parts of living in Delhi is discovering young designers. And there are many. 

I recently discovered a new line called Neiya, a collection of funky dresses with great prints and bold colors. The designer makes them to order - all at very affordable pricing.

The other day, I took a stroll to Dilli Haat bazaar. It designed to give the feel of a traditional, rural village market, Dilli Haat features 50+ individual handicraft and food vendors representing the many, major cultures and regions of India. So naturally, one will find the hand block paper products, wooden handicrafts, ethnic jewelry and stuff like that.

Recently had a chance to explore Moon river Defence Colony, Delhi. This luxury shop has oodles of gorgeous items - home accessories, art, fashion, jewelry and textiles. Check it out if can.
Some people shop only when they need to. Some shop when they have loads to spend. But for me its fun whether I have $400 to burn or just $50. 


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