Hmmm 12/12/12 is gone, nothing really happen, world is still running smoothly.. I m pretty sure nothing going to happen on 21/12/12.. this date is not that magical!!

So I've started doing a retrospection and getting buckle up for another year.. 

Now this post is something special.. I m going to write about hobbies and things I like to do..

1) Photography; always comes first:

I don't own an super hot expensive camera, and most of my shots are taken by my NOKIA, but still I want to introduce my Nikon D-90. Its not huge, its doesn't have any ridiculous amount of pixels but every photo I took become special automatically. These pictures are normally spur of the moment type photos, never planned trips; but it gives what i need... I never click a picture, I CAPTURE MOMENTS...

2) Travelling:

It is my life... I want to travel the whole world.. I like everything about travelling from the basic idea of packing to facing challenges to pen down the whole experience.. Hitting road is like a dream comes true.. I don't like destinations... I like being a roadie.. scenes change with a turn, colors change with time...

3) Movies:

I Love watching films... but my taste is different I like certain kinds of movie not all.. I also hate going to the multiplex because the sound wasn't quite right, its either too high or too low aggrrrhh... And the projectors were always slightly out of alignment and yes I notice these things and it bug me big time...

But yeah I love watching movies on my laptop, with right amount of voice and I can stop and take a break when ever I want..


Everyone have their own moments of joy or sorrow. I have my fair share of both. I always wanted to share my feelings with someone who don't throw any piece of advise on me... 

Well I never found any good listener so I start writing... to share my feelings and point of view with all... Now I have the simplest of all reasons to continue.... the REASON is, I love writing.. I love Blogging.. I've discovered, it is my hobby. I can do this forever, whenever, and however I like. Five times a day, or once a month. It doesn't matter. It’s my hobby... :)

5) Reading:

My other hobby is reading and I like reading books, any kinda book will do... although this is a recent hobby and not since childhood. I hardly even read the usual children's or teenagers' books back then. It was only during my first year in college, where I use to visit the our good old library. Although they never allowed us to take books for longer period and the truth is they don't have much global stuff, but yeah I like the feeling of holding book in my hand... turning over the thin pages which is like a treasure of knowledge...

Reading has helped me in several ways. Through books, the reader is open to his or her imagination and the understanding of the story, the plot makes you go deeper into it, and that's how one can be creative... READING MAKES ME CREATIVE and that's how I start writing!!

Well I have whole lot pack of my knowledge but I want to conclude that whatever happen in 2013 or 2014 or 2015... I m never going to loose these few hobbies :)


  1. Nice post. these hobbies are worth keeping in life. may God fulfill all your wishes. Happy new year in advance.


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