Repeating the same Mistakes

I gathered my stray thoughts, plucked them all,
from the cloud above my soul..

Cloud that is dark and brooding all over me,
Threatening rain,
Again and Again...

I talk to my mind, wanting to know,
why do you burden me so?

I decided it was time to pull out the ghost of my past,
haunting my today, with scary cast,
Making me suspicious and slow,
frightened of all I don't know...

Past looked at me with sad eyes,
flinching at the anger in my voice,
Waiting for me to understand..

I belonged to someone,
Now that is all gone..
but past is still there,
where I use to stand...

I can see, A never ending circle,
bringing us back,
to where we began,
given the chance to change...

Instead of scolding, I gave myself a hug,
A voice deep down
screaming the same,
For the life sake,
let’s not repeat the same mistake...


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