Famous Cuisine of Agra

Agra is one of the famous city around the World. Tourist often come here to visit magnificent 'Taj'. But Agra have lots more to offer other than Taj!! Lets talk about the famous cuisine of this area. During your trip to Agra don't forget to enjoy our food.

Why there is such variety in Agra's food? In History the famous Hindu epic Mahabharat mention Agra as the forest of Agraban close to Mathura. Raja Badal Singh founded the city in 1475 and Sikandar Lodhi made Agra his capital city. Later, Babur defeated the Lodhis to capture the city situated on the banks of River Yamuna and thus, the long association of Mughals with Agra started.

Since then Agra become a center for Art, culture and cuisine.


Back in the 16th century, the Mughals made Agra the capital of India and influence the food style. The spicy and creamy curries, dry fruits and nuts in desserts, tandoori and roasted food items become dominant part of the daily food. The cuisine is so rich that it is suitable for king size appetite.


Paratha, or parantha, is a pan-fried bread made of wheat flour and often served stuffed with various ingredients like Poteto, peas, cauliflower, paneer etc. Served with pickles, chutneys and Curd.


This typical breakfast, usually served at street stands, consists of two parts: one spicy and one sweet. The bedhai is a fried, puffy bread, much like kachori, served with a bowl of spicy curry called Sabzi(Hindi) made of potato and curd. The jalebi, is a sticky-sweet dessert made of fermented batter that’s fried and soaked in hot sugary syrup.


Chaat or savory snacks, are very popular in Agra—particularly bhalla (aloo ki tikki), samosas, and gol gappas (Puchka). Bhalla is a fried potato and chickpea patty that’s served with grated ginger and a spicy-sweet sauce. Kind of perfectly satisfying snack.


Dalmoth is a traditional namkeen or dry snack, made from fried lentils, nuts, spices, and oil. Crispy and a little greasy, it’s the kind of snack one can enjoy with tea or coffee.


Petha shopes are everywhere in Agra claim to be the oldest in the city. One can find Petha at Railway station too. It is a centuries-old sweet made from ash gourd—also called white pumpkin or squash—cooked in sugar syrup, and it comes in many varieties: plain (white); kesar(saffron); with nuts; in colorful shades of pineapple, coconut, mango etc. Served dry or in some syrup, usually soft, chewy, and a bit syrupy inside.

MILK with Dry fruits

At any sweet shop one can find delicious milk mixed with dry fruits, one can have it in night after 6pm. Taste the best during chilly winter nights. 


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