Goa: The Nature Hub

I'm back with another friend and another beautiful story, This post is by my very dear friend Sumant... its been 4-5 years since I know him and he is like best friend cum brother cum companion to me.. He is presently working at National Institute of oceanography Goa, hence you will have the flavour of Goa in this post.. By the way all the pictures are clicked by Sumant.. 


Goa is not only famous for its beaches, beers and Bay watches, but also for its unique biodiversity richness. Goa falls under West coast in South Western region of India. It is enveloped in Sahyadris (western ghats). It has two Major rivers Mandovi and Zuari. Estuaries of both the rivers are located close by. So we can find three types of ecosystems here Riparian, Estuarine and Sea shore.

During the migratory season of the birds (Jan to March) we can find hundreds of terns including Arctic terns, river terns etc. As far as herons are concerned we can see almost all types of egrets, herons, bitterns and storks as they mainly feed on freshwater fishes. Entire state looks so green especially during monsoon, walls of the buildings are layered with bryophytes which make the entire region look green. 

Those who wish to enjoy the biodiversity, nature and natural beauty of this region, be prepared to get drenched in the incessant downpour of the monsoon. Apart from the India's one of the highest waterfalls, Dudhsagar, there are hundreds of miniature waterfalls alongside the rail track for several miles on the way to Belgaum, Hubli and Pune.

We can see several birds chirping in the dawn which include Golden oriole, crimson sunbird, purple sunbird, rufuos treepie, coucal, sparrows, tailor bird, weaver bird, grey hornbill, pied hornbill, pariah, brahminy kite, sea gull, river gull and the list goes on. 

Though Goans take seafood frequently, they have the attitude of conservation on their natural resources and as part of that they keep the localities clean, they do not harm any animal/bird, They are also fond of maintaining pets, almost in every shop and house we can see atleast 2 cats and dogs.

Goa is the best tourism spot and remain crowded almost all year long.. visit and experience the beauty by your own.. 


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