Autumn/Fall Essentials - 2015

Autumn is the season of liberty. Instead of being green,leaves can choose between yellow, red, brown and orange.  I live for autumn. Autumn spells hoodies and cardigans, crisp air and flushed cheeks, hot cocoa, cup cakes and candies and for some Just Soccer... Things that autumn brings, are endless! So I thought to do a little Autumn/Fall Essentials post! Just to blend with the season..

So lets get started.. :) 

1) Pumpkins....they make me smile, use them as a decoration piece or for recipes.. they scream AUTUMN...

2) Fragrances... Use potpourri with dried fruits and nuts to make your house smell like fall 

Use scented candles with spice, musk and earthy fragrance notes..

One can also use fresh scents such as peeled apple, hint of pumpkin, scents of eucalyptus, mint, pear and sage. There are as many options available as much as you want! 

3) Warmth... With an infusion of berry, mustard and olive, pick your blankets and throw on in advance... before the real chill begins

4) Movies for the season... must be spicy yet light.. go for Hocus pocus, Halloweentown, Casper and the goes on.. These movies will give you the mood of the season.. 

5) Fall Decorations... As the leaves change outside, keep in mind that those changing colors can be perfect for fall-inspired decor. Go for warm colors, touches of nature, and autumn-inspired look.

  • Use fruits, chestnuts, acorns, nuts, berries, or another fall feature to make easy centerpiece
  • Bring together an array of autumn colors with a mix-and-match arrangement of flowers or go for a bouquet of autumn leaves
  • Add seasonal style and functionality to your living spaces by draping cozy blankets across the backs of chairs
  • Hints of exposed wood -- especially those with a prominent grain -- always feel at home in autumn

Make your room/apartment/home fall ready and enjoy the best season of the year! I'll be back with more posts in my fall series.. use hashtag - #MugdhaSaysFall and share your fall pictures/recipes/decorations with me..

Thanks you for reading :)



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