Did Beef Eaters Provoke You?

What are we? We are Indians
How world sees us? As secular nation
Are we free? Yes a free nation...
Do we know our rights? Yes
Do we know our responsibilities.. Yes..

Good, now, hear this out loud... (Clings if you must)

We are biased! We are hypocrites! We are evil! The We here is anyone who justifies Dadri's mob killing (Sept 30 2015)

Need a context? Keep on reading

There was a loudspeaker in a temple... announcements were going on... over a loudspeaker an announcement was made that there was beef in someone’s house. Beef (A food item, not a bomb if you must know). Food item for thousands of Indians and lakhs of others.

The mob surrounded the house.. and not only surround but ransacked it. The mob doesn’t stop at ransacking.... They became judge (all of them, under one roof)! And they drag the father and the brother out on the road. Beaten till one of them dies. Beaten till the other is rendered unconscious. Over a loudspeaker rumor...

Even if they are eating... still eating beef is not illegal. Ransacking someone’s house and killing is... its something that one must not justify.. (Well some of them are justifying)

Indians Should Be Ashamed Of Ourselves Today? Why? Because.. 

A bunch of enslaved cultural conditioned people who think themselves as judge or even higher than that... they did something horribly wrong and no one had stopped them. Rather helped them in crime by not calling police or outside help and supporting it with the silent presence...

These men and women define what they love is through their biases - regional, caste, ethnic, location, race, colour, political ideology, .... (take the liberty to add more)

We who kill in the name of anything! A God, A Religion, A piece of Beef!
We who end up praising genocides.
We who fail to think beyond out our limited knowledge.

We Indians are easy to provoke and our mind does not have room for empathy. We are so inhuman and those who come from a different school, we thought them as monsters. Not just that - we have segmented so much that we fail to see humanity at all.

As long as you practice the same religion, follow similar political ideology then its all good but if we are different in any aspect, then just dare to park your car in front of my home.. and you are so dead! We strive to find similarities and fail to respect differences. And we fail terribly at it!

I am sad, sad to the core. I am sorry for the brutal killing! I am feeling bad for the family, I am feeling bad for my nation...



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