Last minute decoration ideas for Halloween

Indians are yet to accept HALLOWEEN as much as they have accepted Valentines Day, Friendship Day, Mothers/Fathers/Daughters Day or even the fun loving side of Christmas. The reason could be that Halloween is associated with spooky and creepy looking objects while usually in the month of October and November we remain in the mood of Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali.

But all the communities have some rebels who exactly know, how to spread the craze of something new. Consider this post as a rebel. If you are just like me, we are good to go. 

So you just remembered Halloween is coming and you want something,  a little spooky around the house! You don't know how to create that something, specially because we don't have a hobby lobby or target, here in India and Indian Marts usually don't have such stuff in their shelves.

I have a list of Last-minute easy DIY Halloween Decorations ideas for inside and outside of your home that can easily be done within the next two days. 

Front Porch Spiderweb: Pretty self-explanatory! You need some white rope to create the web design. It can be hooked anywhere and easy to made. Start with a basic frame of one vertical length of rope and one horizontal on any wall. That should look like a +. Make a X on the previous frame and it should look like a X on top of +. 

After that start weaving the rope in loose circles and keep tying knots on each passing ropes that are plus and X framed. I started with the spirals closer together at the center and got farther apart as I made my way toward the edges. It doesn't need to be perfect and symmetrical. Natural spider webs aren't.

Ghost Silhouette Night Light: Take any LED Night Light and stick black craft paper on it. The trick is to stick craft paper in such shape that when you lit the light it shows silhouette of a face.

Take your scissor cut two square shape piece of paper for eyes and one in the shape of lemon slice. The shapes not have to be perfect and stick them on the LED light using light glue. You may also use a black tape. When you lit the LED light, facing any plain wall, the spooky silhouette will appear out of no where.. :) 

Ghost Lights: You are gonna need Cheesecloth or some solid yet semi transparent cloth. A light set (white cord preferred), black cloth or craft paper for Silhouette, glue and scissors.

Start with cutting the cloth in small square and rectangular pieces. Drape the cloth pieces on the light vine and check if the light is coming out perfectly. Then stick the pieces of black cloth or craft paper on the cheese cloth in the shape of a eyes and mouth. 

Drape the cloth pieces again on the light and stick it on the wire by using some glue and voila... you cute little ghost light is all set. Hang and enjoy!

Fun Halloween Balloons: I am literally not going to explain this one. Use your imagination and enjoy the creepy decor.. :)

Bloody Pillar Candle: It is such an easy DIY. The tricky part is to search desired colored candles. All you need are while pillar candles, preferably in a simple shape and a red waxed candle.

Lit the red one and let the wax drop on the white one. First cover the upper surface and later let the wax travel on the sides. Kids should take help of their parents. Let the red wax dry and lit the while one.. The creepy bloody candle will set the mood for Halloween.

Pumpkin Boo: In India we don't find the bright orange colored pumpkin but we do have stationary shops nearby our houses. So buy a pumpkin and paint it orange. Do at least two coats for better look and then either paint the word BOO on it or stick some pins or button on it for the 3-D look.

Remember this decor is rather less durable and you might want to put it on the balcony or near door so that your room don't smell like pumpkin after a while.

Many people spend days and even a small fortune to decorate their homes on Halloween. Use these ideas that would cost you quite less yet gives you a scary, Halloweeny look! Enjoy the day. 

Thanks for reading and use #MSaysHalloween on twitter/facebook/google plus or any of the other social media to tag me on your Halloween Posts. Do leave a comment below or on the social networking sites if you would use these idea. Share your pictures as well.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Excellent. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ghost Silhouette Night Light idea is very neat. Simple too.


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