Carpooling: The Eco-friendly Habit

With the rise in population, number of automobile vehicles has increased considerably. In India particularly, the population count is highly alarming at 1.22 Billion. (122 Crore). The life has become very fast and vehicle is a dire necessity for all of us. None can imagine a life without a vehicle.

The main Prime mover in vehicles is the petroleum products like Petrol and Diesel. The motor vehicles work on the principle of Internal Combustion. Hence the exhaust emits gases like carbon-di-oxide and carbon mono oxide. Carbon Mono Oxide is a poisonous gas that is injurious to human and animal health. Excessive vehicles will discharge excessive polluting gases in the air thereby causing environmental pollution. At the same time the enormously hot engines of automobiles emit heat in the air thereby adding up in Global Warming.

In order to control pollution we can adopt the following measures: -
1. Minimise the use of vehicles
2. Switch off the engines while facing a red-light
3. Use only recommended fuel (i.e Compressed natural gas AKA CNG)
4. Use only recommended lubricants in correct volumes
5. Check vehicle for PUC (Pollution under Control)
6. Ensure regular periodic maintenance of vehicles
7. Ensure recommended tyre pressure

We are now entering the era of pollution free driving. Car maker has unveiled the world's first affordable zero-emission car. The car can be easily charged from home (like your cell phone) and will have a range of 100 miles after it is juiced up.

I think all we all need to do some basic actions, that will certainly lower the pollution... What I m contributing in this cause: I m following few practical and workable tips, which can done by anyone if taken with little seriousness and concern for the society and environment..

1. Prudent use of vehicle even if is provided by the company/Govt
2. Car pooling wherever possible
3. Using Public transport wherever possible
4. Tuning of engine regularly
5. Think using cycles or walking for smaller distance


  1. Nice article. The problem is that the majority of drivers will not be able to switch to electric cars due to the cost. Also, producing electricity to run all those zero emission vehicles will incur emissions, how much, will depend on the type of the electrical pwer plant used. A lot of people manage without cars, using public transport or cycling and that should be encouraged above all.


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