Lets Start Fresh: Join the Hands

An old saying goes... A speck of dust is enough to create a sand storm!
India~the seventh largest country in the world , the second largest in population, one of the most recognised countries for its cultural and historical legacy has always had a problem., a real set back that hurdled its progress ever since its independence and is shaking the foundations of this great democracy even today- 

yes u guessed it right! its dirty politics!

there were days when the sky was covered with dark clouds devouring light..there were days when the politicians sucked the sources of this country..Not anymore!! Now the sun will shine and the youth of this great nation shall redeem the past glory of India to make it the best nation in the world..

Ask not what your country has done for you..see what u can do for ur mother land.. Need is join our hands and clear up this devouring threat of corrupt and unjust political society! Lets live for the country!!

Now the question is what we can do. First of all stop being a part of any kind of Riot. Participation in Democratic ideas and intellectual debates is necessary. We as a citizen of a great nation should involve in import matter a part from momentary delights (do not want to touch this topic for now).

As we know democracy is rule by laws. When laws do no exist or where existing laws are irrational and imprecise, democracy is weakened.  These days the interpretation and application of these laws are influence by several sets of corruption and democracy degrade. One person thought (latter convert into a group or most popular term is team) about Janlokpal bill. Now I know many people didn't like the idea of it (lets not touch this topic either.)

The Janlokpal bill should not be confused with any anti corruption law. It is more about independent investigating agency, enforcing the SAID law. Where such agencies are under government control they are/will be misused not only for personal but for political gains as well. 


The issue of black money, corruption, breaking law and order are three different name of same problem. Spreading false views, creating riots are the biggest threat to society and influence many minds. 

India is a free country now we need to change the politics as well, we need policy maker, mangers and capacitor as our leader.

We can change the current picture of our nation because we have the capacity to change.


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