Monsoon Magic at Home: Decor for Season

Monsoon in India is the season one waits for the whole year. Cool breeze and drizzling all day long really gives a refreshing feeling and makes one’s day instantly. Monsoon is a treat in itself as it brings beautiful scenes and landscape, everything become so fresh and clean...

When the weather is so lovely outside, make a few changes in your home decor as well yo make it refreshing likewise!!

Use light curtains on the windows and tie them with beautiful ribbons, while it give a pleasant look at the same time it will also let the light and air in to improve the ventilation in the room.

Use bright colors for the cushions, as they says its the season of greens and blues.. Use them in dining table mat, pillows, vase and other decorative items. They give a lovely feeling and a wonderful monsoon feel.

Small candles on an end table with a small crystal decoration piece will brighten up the room instantly. They always look elegant and wonderful during the season. Roll up the rugs and keep them safe in a polythene bag to protect them from dampness.

Use few unique lighting arrangements... As Sun might play with clouds, these lamps will give a light effect to the room and brighten the areas... Decorate your walls with small frames and paintings in bright colors to give the room a new look. The colors will give an eye-breaking effect, that's one way to hide the dullness on wall which usually comes during monsoon.

Put some beautiful flowers in vase along with evergreen leaves and scanty wood, which can work as deodorizer. Giving a new decor to your home will change its look altogether and will uplift your mood. :)

Some basic precautions can help you take care of your interiors during monsoon:

Furniture: During rains your wooden furniture needs extra care. Wooden doors & windows are affected by rain & they expand due to the moisture contained in the air. A coat of wood polish can help them retain their luster for a longer period of time. When you get your furniture polished also apply a coat of touchwood on all your wooden furniture to protect them from infestation.

Curtains: In monsoon as sunlight is less so lighter lace curtains will allow maximum sunlight which will remove the damp feeling indoors.

Indoor plants: Indoors plants always add beauty to any space, however, during rains indoor plants will increase the dampness inside. You can put few hanging plants in the balcony or place small potted plants in corners. One can also Frame some simple botanical prints or landscapes and set them up on a bookshelf, bureau, or table top, to get the feel of plants.

PS: Neem leaves in a cupboard or in a book cabinet will help to clear the infestation. Neem leaves comes handy for protecting clothes ina wardrobe as well.


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