Loving and Living City "Mumbai"

The capital of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai has the largest population in India and 6th largest in the world. Mumbai is a conglomeration of seven islands which originally were home to fishing communities. Being the financial and entertainment capital of the country this huge city is humming with life and activity. The major attractions of the city including; Gateway of India, Nehru Planetarium, Essel World, Fantasy World, Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Elephanta caves etc.

In the Mahalaxmi area is Mumbai’s elite racecourse, the Mahalaxmi Racecourse where the rich and famous can be caught enjoying the races. The Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat presents an amazing spectacle of over 5000 men and women beating laundry in almost synchronized fashion. The dhobi ghat is every photographers delight.

The legendary actor Prithvi Raj Kapoor was the inspiration for the establishment of the Prithvi Theatre, which organizes drama festivals and conducts theatre workshops. One can Visit the Theatre and get a glimpse of the scene. Mumbai is famous all over the world for its Bollywood. Film-city is a great place to visit to see some sets of the movies. If you are organised enough to check and see if there is any  Bollywood movie shooting on, then a great chance to see how a film is made and meet  some great actors.

The spectacular Ferozshah Garden is a terraced garden, which sprawls over the Malabar Hill from where you can catch a stunning view of the sun as it sets into the Arabian Sea. In south Mumbai is the Flora Fountain which gets its name from the Greek goddess-Flora, originally made from Portland stone in 1864 but now is coated in white oil paint.

Mumbai's Fashion Street rocks.. Chunky jewellery,trendy clothes and colorful footwear welcome you to linking Road in Bandra suburb AKA Fashion Street. A street that give you ample choices to stock up your wardrobe in style.

Mumbai is labelled as ‘the city that never sleeps’ because it has a very vibrant night life. The city has numerous night clubs, discotheques and lounge bars which are frequented by Bollywood stars and the rich and famous, making then even livelier. Visit Mumbai not just for a holiday but also for a cultural learning a city so busy but so alive, a city so populated but so warm and food is just amazing.

Mumbai has every kind of  food you want to try, Try Maharashtrian Sea food or any Indian cuisine, though there are many choices especially road side food stalls……… Try them before you make a remark. Visit Mumbai a city where you can see skyscrapers and slums very close to each other.


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