I wish the title of my post was true! Its been a month or two since I'm not getting any time for my blog or for my self. I expected to November as 'come back' month but seem that's just not happening.

The year is almost over and my plans are not working well. Fitness classes skipped, healthy meal avoided (No time to cook), room needs a deep cleaning and my closet is also a mess again. Massive mess and disorder. At this point I'm having difficulties in planning what should I eat or wear for work, need a break in chaos.

So, what's the plan to get things back to normal? I'm going to complete my PhD work by this end of the month (finger crossed). If I don't, my entire 1st week of December will lag on like this one has, and I can't let that happen, because I will go nuts. I definitely have to learn to divide everything up for better working situation.

Sorry for the boring entry, post will be back to normal next week, when I feel some relief from the sudden pressure and lack of consistency going on in my life right now.

I think I'm just one of those "needs to have a schedule" people. 

Suggest me some management tips

Hope you all have a nice winter ahead!!


PS: We have two new family members meet, Tittle (Rescued cockatiel) and her charming partner 'Ben or Joey (Name ye to decide)'


  1. Yoga, the stress buster you only suggested in your second or third last post. best of luck


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