Indian dhabhas

For me Delhi to Agra use to be the best journey (in past because yamuna expressway takes away all the fun), the stretched chain of different Dhabas with their unique names and cuisine is just what makes my ride memorable. The Road has a definite girth of adventure to it. Onces use to be the dusty single road now become a highway and soon going to convert into 6 lane road. As much as the route is ancient, so as the glittering history of Dhabas.

The road (NH2) is still very much alive even after yamuna expressway takes all the attention, it is alive with the trucks and dhabas. Dotted at regular intervals are modern day versions of the caravanserais, Indian Motel or popularly known as “Dhabas” are something totally unique and Indian thing. Born as a pit stop for ferrying goods, for truck drivers or long drive busses, are these days provide all the necessary items. They'll give you a parking space, place to sit and almost homemade food experience. Old Dhabas are changes and comprises of 3 walls, charpoys are replaced by chairs, and menu is increased as well with edition of sandwich and burgers.

People still prefer the old wholesome earthy flavors, like Saag and Roti, Daal with Jeera Rice etc. a dash of dairy products is still there but cold drinks and coffees become more popular with time. The Tawa and Tandori menu and tea are few signature dishes of all the dhabas. Now a days restaurants started to theme their place as dhaba using bright lights and similar kind of cutleries, indicates that Indians are still enrooted deeply with old culture and lifestyle.

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