November shopping haul

I always wanted to write such topics in my blog but never get a chance. Actually I was not sure if anyone going to like such post.. but I took a survey and readers choose this topic as my next post so I m doing it :)

November shopping haul.. 

Here what I purchased for November, have a look, you may like something from the collection.. :)

Both the kurtas are from Biba. The vibrant colours and well fitted size are speciality of Biba. Absolutely love both the dresses.

Black shrug is from Globus. I find it in a great price range, top is from Orchid blues. Sorry for less clear picture but this is the best I have.. the detailing on the top is super cute and the cut of the shrug is awesome.. 

Red Sweater is from Buckle's, really like the pattern and going to order more.. the black one is a gift and I really like the fitting and self pattern :)

Both flats, both bellies, both in bluish shade :) the golden sequencing and bow details are the reason why I bought these shows.. they are so comfortable and very cute..

so these are the items I bought in November.. I hope everyone started their shopping for Christmas and New year.. Happy Shopping guys

Thank you for reading :)


PS: I m sharing the post because I like to share things with my readers, no other intention for the post.. do not consider as an advertisement for any brand.. 


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