Warm Winters

Winter is the time to get cosy, but it is also a time to learn new things, new challenges... come and celebrate winters in my style :)

#1 – Pump up your mood
In the stillness of winter, meditate to rediscover the power of inner stillness, take out the time to meditate for a few minutes and observe the change in how you feel. Daily morning meditation can keep you happy all day. It also might be a good idea to indulge yourself in creative activities frequently, like redecorating your house or outdoor picnics.

Warm up your self with some herbal tea or coffee and let the season sprinkle joy upon you!

# 2 – Ward off winter sickness
As the temperature lowers day by day, the chances of catching a cold or having a sore throat increases. It is a good idea to consult a doctor for medication. However, regular practice of meditation will help you hasten your healing process. Try to do yoga at least 3 days in a week, it acts as an immunity booster and helps you keep away winter sickness. On days you are feeling unwell, eat vitamin-rich food like fresh fruits and green vegetables, which will help boost immunity.

#3 – Make your own junk food day calendar
In winter, it is natural to gorge on your favourite foods, which is most of the time calorie dense. Keeping a check on the kind of food you eat might be important in order to keep yourself healthy and in shape.

What might also work for you is having your own “favourite food day calendar”. This calendar can include a junk food day every week or fortnight. Eating junk food only on that day will ensure you consume healthy food on the other days. Do not forget to work out an extra hour on the junk food day to burn the extra calories.

#4 - Take challenges
Make this winter your workout plan A, weigh your self and target 5-10 kilos loss by the winter ends. Its not about being lean, but about being healthy! Plan Jogs or gymming for the season and take it as a challenge.

This is my Diwali to Diwali (2012/13) Challenge, hope it helps to motivate.. :)


  1. amazing ideas to keep healthy and happy in winter season

  2. Great post, encouraging


  3. Really inspired after I read this blog. Thanks for hosting this healthy tips.


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