Hitchhiker on Road!

I wrote this when Aakash was in Agra, talking with me face to face... he is probably reached his home but that doesn't mean I should avoid this post! He is a real hitchhiker, the 20 year's lad made me feel proud! After Esha, Aakash is another real time traveller who impressed me! 

Currently I have this small post about Esha (Chick here) - Esha: The Lone Gal Traveller, who was began her journey (an all-India tour) on her bike, to tell the world that India is safe, for everyone!!

Esha and Me
(Self Note : I'll write more about this adventurous girl)

About Aakash: To discover various dimensions and beauty of ‘Incredible India’, Aakash Mishra, a 20 years old lad from Indore, visited many destinations, across India, via Hitch-hiking. The adventurer was in Agra for two days (2nd-3rd June -2015) and met me at my office (HT, Agra).

In his own words he is a discover, a learner and an explorer. Aakash talked to me and shared his experience of being a roadie, “I believe in practical learning which means believe what you see. Since childhood, I heard a lot about Taj Mahal, fascinating stories about Agra, that once use to be the capital of great Mughals. I wanted to witness the charm of the city by my own and not by You-Tubing about it. I wanted to set a network in this city, so that I can visit it, whenever I want.. that's why I choose Agra, as part of my hitchhiking journey destination.

I asked him, why don't you use money and stay in a comfortable hotel, ride in a car? He said, “To be honest, I am just a regular students and I don't have enough money to see the entire world. I live with my mother, who supports my each dream, but I don't want to be a burden on her. I have a dream to see everything without troubling my mother.

With the aim to visit Agra and Delhi I began my hitchhiking on May 29th. Hitch-hiking, an interesting and free means of traveling in which a person could reach the destination by getting lifts by the passing vehicles. In simple english, by hitchhiking, I don't have to pay for my traveling or even for the lodging,” shared Aakash.

I asked again, how this hitchhiking works? “Hitchhiking could be only possible by asking people/strangers, for a ride in their vehicle. While hitchhiking I met a lot of interesting people and get to know them. I talked to them, listened their experiences and also learned that with polite talks a person could get great amount of help in India,” he said.

While remembering his journey from Indore to Agra, Aakash said, “I had both good and bad experiences that prepared me for the future and developed my personality. I got to see places that I never thought I would visit. I pushed my limits, learned that money is something but not everything. I learned that humbleness and good behavior is more powerful than money.”

Aakash covered almost 770.2 kilometers, between Indore to Agra. He spent four days between hitchhiking, from Indore to Agra. Aakash’s future plan is to visit more cities via hitchhiking and to explore different natural and cultural aspects that India (that too for free, am I jealous, could be).

Thanks for reading fellows, pack your bags for the adventure and don't forget to visit Agra while going from one end to another :)



  1. Hey Mughdha! I am also from Agra & living in Gurgaon these days.. Your blog is awesome :)

  2. Good to see that so many people are travelling now days and breaking the notion that India is unsafe ... Wish him happy and safe travels :)

  3. Ah Agra....I lived there for 3 years.....and wish I could be hitch hiking


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