Neem: A bitter elixir

A single tree of Neem has over 130 different biologically active compounds, from anticancer benefits to keeping environment cool; Neem is known as bitter elixir among users. Agra city is recording high temperatures in the summer but in those areas where Neem trees are present, those areas are found much more cooler.

I likes to call Neem as a ‘Natural Cooler’. Neem trees are naturally equipped with the coolants. Neem can cool down the environment at much higher rate than any other tree.

Agra has a most diverse kind of climate. City witnesses chilling winters, fulfilling rains and tremendous heat in the summers. To reduce urban heat islands within the city, it is highly recommended to plant Neem sapling road sides and near buildings. 

The tree is useful to ‘save energy’ as well. Neem generally has a big canopy and directly shade the building properly. It certainly decreases the demand for air conditioning. Neem tree is not only a natural cooler but also an air purifier.

Plant a tree near your house and you will witness drop of at least two-three degrees. Trees and vegetation with the less amount of canopy, such as ornamental plants can not help in temperature reduction. Neem on the other hand could reduce the temperature, even if the plant was planted only two-three years ago. No botanist can deny the importance of any type of plant, so even ornamental plant is beneficial to the some extent, but Neem can cool the ambience quicker.

About Neem we already know that it helps to heal many diseases as well. Leaves, bark powder, roots and fruits, which means all the parts of the tree are valuable for us. The tree also possesses excellent medicinal properties. Neem is no doubt a bitter elixir for humans. It is advisable to plant Neem before Monsoon, as the chances of its growth doubled with regular water supply.

Thank you for reading, do let me know if you know more benefits of Neem.



  1. Informative stuff !! We also consume need flowers just before the arrival of summer...

  2. Neem oil and seeds have medicative properties too....!

  3. hello there, thank for this wonderful article about malabar neem... can you please tell me a suitable cultivation technique for malabar neem?


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