Laughter Yoga: Laugh and stay healthy!

International Yoga Day - Special Copy

Living with disability is a challenge and it can be overcome by true determination. One need to change according to the conditions and people should try to find alternative ways to cope with the disability.

Laughter Yoga comes up as an alternative for those who cannot perform tough ‘Aasanas’ due to lack of aptitude, ability or age issue. Yoga Gurus teaches Laughter Yoga to people who are living with a disability (either physical or mental), but wanted to stay fit!

Laughter Yoga is a different way to fulfill the health targets, without getting hard on the body. Laughter as people say is the best medicine because it reduced the depression and frustration.

Laughter Yoga works in the same mechanism, people laugh on different frequencies to cure different types of diseases. Different types of laughter levels reduce pain, anger, sadness, upset mind, anxiety.

Laughter Yoga provides immediate pain relief; it is an ideal exercise that helps one to accept the disability and provides relief from negativity. Laughter Yoga also provides an immediate sense of safety and security and give courage to combat any problem. But everything depends upon how hard one can laugh... :)

Laughter Yoga is helpful for those who have disabilities, especially in Mobility. Those who are physically incapable due to injury, disease or age factor should perform Laughter Yoga while keeping in mind to laugh as real as possible.

Laughter has so many pitches and each types of laughter help to heal different type of disease. It is scientifically proven that laughter helps to heal heart, lungs and brain related diseases. So don't worry about life, combat the situation with open high pitch laugh :)

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