World Environment Day – June 5th

World Environment Day – June 5th

Creating personal green space in and around houses to sustain the environment; denizens of Agra are aware about their Environment-Social Responsibility (ESR). On June 5th when world is going to observe the World Environment Day (WED), citizens of Agra could proudly say that they are not only aware about the problems but actually doing something about it.

United Nations (UN) annually celebrates the ‘World Environment Day’ (June 5th) to recognize the importance of the environment and its role in keeping humans alive on the planet. The theme of the WED-2015 is ‘Seven Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care’.

As per the theme of the WED-2015 goes, People are dreaming for a sustainable future. But to make it's a reality people must take action and must take their Environment-Social Responsibility seriously. If together we join the hands, the planet could remain perfect for the years to come.

There are people who are actually bringing the change in society rather than cribbing about the heat waves, untimely rain and other climatic problems. A wonderful step was taken by the forest department of Agra to plant about six lakhs trees in and around Agra. The planting would begin soon so that during the monsoon, plants will grow at the higher pace.

Plants are always beneficial no matter where people placed them. A bonsai plant inside the house not only increases the beauty but also creates a healthy environment for the residents. There are over 300 species of medicinal plants and 60 varieties of bonsai flowering plants that could be cultured in the indoor gardens easily and that would increase the oxygen circle with in the house and also adds up the personal green space.

According to the World Environment Day program run by UN, if current consumption and production patterns remain the same and with a rising population, we will need three planets to sustain our ways of living and consumption. But can we afford that? I don't think so, so I believe in restoration of the resources that are naturally occurring on the earth.

These days’ people consume more natural resources than necessary. Although the planet have the a self sustainable mechanism and gradually earth and other elements restore themselves, but sometimes it is like stretching the band so much that if falls apart. World Environment Day is a reminder for everyone that people should do whatever one can.

Many people have their personal garden at home with flowers, medicines, vegetable or fruits trees. My suggestion is, try to plants trees that are shorter in height and took less space. Once the trees will grow, even in summers the home could remain cooler.

Thank you for reading, my humble request to all my readers, try to plant tree, reduce the waste, re-use the product and do whatever you can, so save the mother earth!



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