Farming to save Environment??

Mukati, an expert of the field and farmer’s leader from Madhya Pradesh encouraged farmers to use one part of their farms as fixed deposit. He flown the idea to plant medicinal and commercial flora in their farms which would give much more benefits to the farmer than compare to common crops and also help the environment.

The story begin when I met Mukhati in an conference. While talking about his passion for farming and save environment concept through farming, Mukati suggested various techniques that could be beneficial for the farmers as well as for the environment.

Giving more stress on the tree-farming Mukati said, “Teak, bamboo, pine wood, basswood, aspen are some of the examples that should be rope along with the crops.”

Mukati explained that there are many ways to grow such trees around farms, streets and banks of river. “Bamboo plants should be grown along the banks of rivers. This will stop the soil erosion and the land could be used in a better way. We can’t just think about us humans, but we have to check and boost the environmental health as well. Rivers are dying and along with them farmers are dying too. If we could save rivers, land and air from pollution then only we can survive.”

Idea is to do sustainable or conservational farming. We discussed about the new types of farming which would not only beneficial for farmer but also for the environment. Reforestation is rather slow process and people, if plant trees in their farms that way we can built a smaller yet effective forests around cities.

The crops that farmers produces could also become organic and healthy as the leaves of the trees would become natural manure with time the roots of the tree also make the soil intact. No additional water is needed for the trees and people can just rope them and leave for 5-7 years. After the handsome growth sufficient wood will be provide by the trees.

In Agra weather conditions are hard and it is important that farmers of Agra plant more trees in their farms. Tree shadow would protect the crop from direct sun light or extreme fog as well. “A farmer would get more than Rs 3, 00,000 for 50 commercial plants and good amount for the medicinal plants as well. If they plant tree crops in part of their farm, like on the boundaries then the profit doubles,” added Mukati.

So it is kind of three in one thing. First better soil and environment quality, second better profit and less efforts and third intact eco-system. So if you are doing farmings, having a backyard or community garden, then do plant trees.. for your own future :)



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