Skin Care Products: August Favorite

Hey guys I am back with another review.. basically a review of products that I am using for my daily care. This review is special for me, because I am actually happy with the results. 

(In this review three products are from AVONI did the a product review of this particular brand in the month of May. To read more click here)

Lets start from Avon itself then I'll add the other products. First of all the SCRUB. AVON NATURALS GRAPE SEED WHITENING, it is a 3 in 1 thing, so you are getting a Cleanser, a Scrub and a Mask in one product. This scrub works very well, specially for those who have slightly oily or mixed kind of skin. (Find out your skin type here)

Next product is Avon naturals milk and honey SHOWER GEL and BODY LOTION. The aroma is perfect, sweet and very natural; not literally honey but defiantly like candy and very soothing.

Both the items  are available on Ebay India but I am not able to find the body lotion online, guess its available at Avon representatives only. I ordered mine from a dear friend Shuchita Srivastava.

Actually the story of Milk and Honey Body Lotion is quite dramatic. I ordered that particular lotion for my friend. When I received the order, I find out that my friend is out of town. So I left the lotion at her hostel room and her roommate started using the product. 

When my friend came back, she said, the product is only half in quantity and she asked me to return it to the representative. I took the product from her room and tried the lotion on my hand.

It felt so silky and hydrated. So I started using it, and later my friend apologize for her roommate's fault and asked me to return the lotion. I denied because it was so awesome that I used it like crazy person and almost done with it. I ordered another for my friend.. so its a happy ending for all :)

Third item is another Avon Natural, its rose and rosehip body lotion. The lotion have SPF15 Plus. The fragrance is little bit over whelming for me but the formula suits me just fine. Although I am not thrilled with the fairness part, as I don't care about it but other than that, the lotion blends well and hydrate the skin, perfectly. The cream in the same formula is available online, for those who are interested.

The fourth item is an Aayurvedic one. I received a full size Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask in My Envy Box recently. (Click here to read my first impression). The mask smells just like tea leaves, as it suppose to be. Its in a powder form, which can be blend easily with normal or rose water. 

Add the sufficient amount of water and make a paste of it. The mask is quite granular in texture and feels like scrub. Leave the mask on face for about 15 min. or whatever time it takes to dry out. Wash your face with plain water and Ta da...  Buy the mask here!

So these are my favorite skin care products so far... I will update more soon, till then take care of yourself :)

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