Memories of Janmashtami at Mathura

To venerate the birth of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is celebrated athwart the nation. The temple city Mathura festooned at its best on the auspicious occasion. The echoes of ‘Bhajan’ and ‘Mantra’ resonated Mathura and Vrindravan on Janmashtami and devotees were dancing in the Ecstasy.

This is how I remember Janmashtami. It is considered that each brick and leaf of Mathura witness the ‘Bal Gopal’ birth and rejoice in merriment as the ‘Natkhat Nandan’ appears on earth while displaying one of his ‘Leela’, exactly on the mid night.

I also remember how the city is filled with lakhs of devotees who just wanted to offered prayers to their lovable deity - Lord Krishna. Temeples in Mathura are bejeweled with flower and lights decoration. Streets were decorated with colorful frills. 'Jhankis' were made in the form of traditional art which featured the activities of bal krishna, which are the biggest attraction for the devotees.

From Sri Krishn Janmabhumi to Banke Bihari Temple, Prem Mandir, Radharaman Temple, ISCKON Temple and Nand Gaon, every corner is decked up for the ceremonies. Navgrah Pujan, Sancharan ritual held, Prakatya ceremonies and many many many more.

On the middle of the night Laddo Gopal appeared and with him bells started chiming, flute music float in the in air.  Apart from the main ceremonies, other special pujas – worships were aso conducted all through the day. Devotees kept fast for the entire day and break it at the midnight, after the special ‘Janmashtami puja’.

‘Bhog’ was offered to the Laddo Gopal and later the ‘Bhog’ was mixed with the other prasad and distributed among devotees. Radha Krishna, wearing chandrika poshak – dress which have the designs of ‘chandra’ and ‘mayura’. The dress which is made of makhmal and so beautiful that  gives a delusion of universe. 

Another divine experiences in Mathura is to see the never ending rows of Bhandaras. Delicious ‘Puri saag’, juices, ‘halwa – pede’ were served in the bhandaras for the devotees. It is certain that no one would sleep empty stomach on the occasion of Sri Krishn Janmotsava. Mathura city welcomed all the devotees with open arm.

Although the celebrations of Janmashtami were begin days prior to the exact date of the festival but on the vary day it was appear that colors from heaven emerged on earth. Various plays ‘Krishn Leela’ are staged on every corner, depicting stories of little Kanha.

Laddo Gopal appeared on earth and devotees lost in his beauty, Happy Janamshtami everyone!!

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  1. Such a happy occasion! Festival greetings to you!

  2. Happy Janamshtami to you too. :)


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