World Tourism Day; Tips to make the city 'tourist friendly'

Our existing culture and ethnic features can attract more tourists then establishing new attractions every year in the cities. However there is a need to change our attitude towards national and international guests. There should be proper security and sanitation facility in any city, if it wants to known as tourist site.

Why I brought up this topic, because of two things, first today is World Tourism Day and I wanted to do my bit for the theme behind the day and second... I live in Agra, a city which is known for monuments and tourists sites. If we are able to attract more tourists then there would be more jobs opportunities.. jobs for the thousands of people in different fields such as textile, transportation, artists, hospitality industry etc.

Rajeev Saxena., Secretary of Tourism Guild Agra talked to me today. He quoted, “Tourism industry sets a network which connects us with other cultures but if we want to grow tourism in Agra and wanted to bring more cultures and diverse group of people then we should provide excellent infrastructure to the tourists.”

You know when a tourist lands in Delhi, he or she witnessed high-rise buildings, flyovers, markets etc but when the same person enters in Agra, then they usually witnessed block roads and pollution and congestion. To tackle these problems public and administration should work together and make Agra, a tourist friendly city.

One of the most important ways to boost our number is by enhancing leisure tourism. A tourist must feel safe during his or her visit. There is no need to throw more attractions on the contrary we should preserve the existing ones and excel the nearby areas so that tourists went back with positive views.

Foreigners and even people from other states love to indulge themselves in the local food, fairs and festivals. We should time and again arrange things that represents taste of the particular city.. tourists love such things.. 

Local artists could sell their products outside of the city too and when potential visitors check them, then they would crave to see more of our culture, ethnicity and traditional values. We should go back in era when people actually follow the concept of ‘Atithi:Dev:Bhava’ and consider guests as God.

Thank you for reading.. hope you all like the post :) 


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