December Shopping Haul

December is my favorite month, the nipping temperature and cool wind develop a child within me.. I love walking in a foggy morning and drinking coffee in the dusky cloudy evening.. but top it all I love hanging around in malls and grasp all the winter wonderland decoration..

People who have been following my blog will know that a small shopping spree in December is already done.. (to read the posts, visit: Welcome December and New Year's Party)

Winter is the season of choices, from fabrics to colors. I wish I can enjoy this sparkling season more but as I m going away to the sunny grounds of Coimbatore city, I want to share more about the sequence of packing and shopping and stuff..

I heard that the minimum temperature is about 16-18 degree in Coimbatore and I m going for 15 days so I have to pack accordingly. I purchase this maroon color suitcase of American Tourister (77cm size) which is perfect for my luggage and the nicest thing about the case is that it comes in the light luggage series and it weigh too low that with all the stuff packed in anyone can pull it easily. 

Now the clothes I splashed out these days for the trip include two tops which I purchased from Shoppers Stop. The first one is actually in the teal color which is not visible in the picture due to camera flash but the color is super cute and the small silver stars around the neck lining is like cherry on the top. The black top (yes I have almost 8 tops in the same color but of course with the different pattern) is quite unique. It feels like semi-wool and the design is.. what to say its a criss cross pattern with the white woolly thread is quite appealing :)

And the jacket; with the fake fur inner side, the jacket is in grey color with blue and red detailings. It comes with the hoody and two pockets with zippers which is good to hold a small purse or mobile. I'll use it more when I'll be back..

The next thing I want to share is the Fastrack bag which is particularly bought for the Coimbatore trip. The bag is super awesome with so many partitions and cool carry on strap. The charcoal grey and brown bag is nothing like any common girly bag, it is rough and tough and that's what I want for this trip, a bag that can last in the jungle (as there will be so much tracking in the Nilgiri bioreserve park.)

I also purchased these two items recently, first is the Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel looked pretty with that teal color (yes I m very much in love with teal color and have may be 10-12 products from clothes to soaps in the same color), I like the fact that the fragrance lasts for a longer time.. what I very much needed after my gymming sessions.

The second item is Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. What a refreshing, sophisticated yet soft scent! All in all, it is a pure delight! Advice for my readers go for the lighter scents and if any of you had used/is using the same, give me your updates below in the comments.

Last but not the least I purchased these Vega brushes range after I broke my favorite hair brush last week. I don't know which is going to work best for me so I m going to try each of them and will share the review later.

So this is pretty much it and will see you guys soon with new posts, till then take care and have a very Merry Christmas :) and Happy New Year :) 

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