Welcome December..

Hello to all my lovely readers.. Happy December.. a month which brings so much happiness in my thoughts.. festivity all around and lots of shopping :) Today I'm going to cover many topics together.. 

First of all a quick update about a small shopping haul on the very first day of the the December. These are the products I purchased (in last post, people asked me to update product range as well but I prefer not to but if anyone have any query you can contact me via mugdhasinghblogging@gmail.com or via Facebook page Mugdha Says)

Absolutely love these kurties.. for 2 reasons, the black one is very plain and elegant.. with small button details and can paired with jeans easily. The other one is black as well but the Rajasthani print and border make it a little bit formal.. I can wear it in college or at luncheon with family.. 2 in 1 kind of piece I would say.. 

Now if you are following my previous blog posts, you can guess the purpose of these shoes. Yes these are my workout shoes, super cute (I think I'm obsessed with blue colour these days, 3 pair of shoes in a week, all in blue shade :) )

Ok so I have many Maybelline products but this is the first time I m using their lip balm and my rating is A 1 :) a big yes from my side.. Revlon is suggested by a friend.. never used before.. I have VOV kajal, so lets see how it goes.. will get back to that soon. O3+ is the best best best cream I have so far, its so nice to use it, non sticky, it settled with my skin so nicely (for the record I have oily skin and it works well for me).. too good to use..  

Ahh haan.. these are the books I have purchased 2 days ago.. my December going to be fabulous.. lot to read :) before putting them in my shelves, wanted to share with all of you :)  

There is a small update about decor.. we are planning to repaint the house.. and I'm so confused for my room.. let me share the shades I m confused between and all shades are from Berger Paints

I currently have that last shade but desperately want to change... give me your preference leave a comment below.. :) Also wants to share a picture of our bonsai tree.. growing so fast :) 

Ahhhhh big post.. hope you all are doing good,

Thanks for Reading



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