Ready or Not, here It Comes.. New Year

New Year post so early.. it's only December 6th so why I'm writing about New Year.. That's because this Christmas and New Year I'll be away from home and may not get time to write anything during holidays. If you are going away for 20 or more days how much time one have to devote for packing and stuff, so lets share some cuddling posts before time :) 

I start decorating home already and its fun to make thing instead of purchasing.. still I purchased two items for decoration which I would love to share.. 

The beautiful Pink lotus. Super pretty and when I saw this I was not able to stop myself, Looks very elegant, especially on a glass table like ours.

Second is the Crystal stand, with artificial cherry blossom twig, never get bored of such things :) Need to find a better place to put it... but wherever I put this, it will bring vibrancy and colour to that corner for sure :)

Now these are the ornaments I tried so far. First is croatia knitted snowflake and already placed on my tree. 

another one is made by using shell bracelet and decorative thread..

Last one is small ornaments, made by using silver foil and with proper light they look so nice, I m planning for more.. but so far so good :)

If anyone wants to know the exact crafting material or method, leave your comment below..

Thanks for Reading



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