New Year's Party

Planning a party for new year lets plan a party together.. I wont be celebrating new year with my family this year.. (work and stuff) but this post was planned from so many days so lets done with it..

So how do you plan to celebrate the New Year? Big, small, or somewhere in between? Whether you're planning a small New Years get-together with just a few members of the family or a blowout New Years Eve party for all the gang. Choose everything according to the mood of guest.

THEME: Choose an elegant silver and blue theme if you want to celebrate with family.. you can also combine green for additional fun.. choose black and gold New Years party theme, for office people and group of officials.. an informal and colorful New Years Eve design can be use for kids and teenagers.

FOOD: Always remember to have mixed flavours for a large group, in case of family gatherings use potluck system, that will bring harmony in family and everyone have the chance to appreciate other's cooking skills as well.. What else to say, you all know what you want to have :)

Read this yummy recipe at The Spade & Spoons.. Hope you all gonna try this, atleast I will :)

Decoration: I say keep it simple but sparkly, if you are using colors than put the white or light gray background and colorful threads or pearls or little bit glitter for detailing..

You don't have to have a huge party to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The fact is that it should really be your closest, dearest friends. Keep the gathering small to avoid excessive havoc.

I have purchased few gifts already, though I can't share them with all as I want them to be a suprise for people I want to give and few of them read my blog so..  but I want to share my December quick shopping with all..

Recently I start using Tresemme (Keratin Smooth) and the results are mind blowing.. I absolutely love it.. I never use shampoos with much fragrance and this one is just custom made for me..

The Kurta is from Fab India, I just love their fittings and colors, the kurtas, tops, tunics everything is so figure flattering, the candles are from candlekart's.. I always shop candles online and never have to regret for anything, they have the most unique and super cute decorative candles.. 

Baggit's, magenta sling bag.. Perfect combination, perfect color, I have burgundy and black baggit hand bag but its just not sufficient for me. The size of this is perfect for day today work.. I gonna use it everyday if only I could :)

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