Restarted fitness program

Lose 10, gain 10, lose 10, gain 10... I know how to lose the weight. I know  what works the best for me. But whenever I lose the 10 kg, I go nuts eating the stuff that I know I should not. So... here I am again. Well  NOW is NOW. Looking Forward to be LEAN!!

It's been a week since I am indulged (again) in the fitness spree... Currently I am dealing with mood swings, cravings and mild headaches... I wish I could be one of those people who run to deal with feelings, or hit a punching bag, or do yoga to feel better... I need to find my 'way' to deal. Until then... I'm stuck on this weight loss roller-coaster...

My goals for the week are to 1) not weigh myself  2) no fast food 3) log everything I eat... Now I am entering in my second week of fitness and I will try something new... Whenever I'll answer my phone at work, I stand up to talk.

I read an article about how standing and walking in between working hours helps to improve your overall health, especially when you have a job that requires a lot of sitting. (I will keep you posted, that how's it turned out) But in my opinion also, it is fun and healthy to stand and talk on the phone!  

I finally took my weight today and yayyyyy, I dropped two kgs in one week, looking forward to drop more. Honestly I am starting to feel better. Amazing when your body is filled with good foods how light you feel.

If you asked me what I did in past one week: -

1) I have been sleeping great but don't know it is because of the cooler weather or because of the diet.

2) I am starting to feel that my clothes getting a little more comfortable may be because I eat well and on time. I am taking 1200 calories everyday and it seems sufficient for me :)

3) Writing an online record and making a diet dairy, which is amazingly easy. I count my calories and try to be in the limits of carbs, sugar, sodium, fat etc.

Uh yes another thing, yesterday I cheated... I passed my calorie intake and didn't exercise too much.   I had such low energy yesterday.  Anyway, today is a new day, I did well!  Having my cup of green tea and closing today's food intake.

Just keep up the good work everyone!  Don't loose faith, I know we can do it. If anyone of you are on the same track, leave your idea of fitness in the comment section... Stay Healthy :)



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