Khadi - Indian Cotton in Fashion

Khadi - Indian cotton cloth is ready to woo the youth with new designs and patterns. The craze for wearing Khadi is back in market because of alluring designs and as the clothe signifies, patriotism and deep bond with the nation.

Cottons dresses, bags and other accessories are always a hit in Indian market, mainly because of the climate. Cotton suits Indian skin but also because we produce Cotton in many states and it is cheaper than most of the fabrics.

But it is rare thing for youth to incline towards not only cotton, which is a pretty simple clothe but also towards the Khadi, which consider as rough fabric and mostly people avoid it because of monotonous feel it gives.

But as per the new trend, ‘Khadi’ attracting the youth and a wide range of influential crowd. Showrooms are offering rather simpler yet elegant styles in Khadi, mixed with color and textures. Many students think that ‘Khadi’ is cool with the newly discovered prints and mosaic patches.

Khadi is proven as a woven marvel in many upbeat fashion shows. The Indian dresses in the shows not only reflect, traditional Indian outfits but also provide a gap for Indian designers, to create something unique. As a designer they have to put their hands on different styles and with little efforts, people can actually witness the magic of modern hand-looms.

Not only Kurtas but a wide range of Saaris, Bags, Shoes, Belts, Scarves, made of Khadi are attracting the mass. The ‘Colours of Khadi’ range was initiated by many designers includes the colorful side of Khadi. Handmade jewelry with have the composition of half Khadi thread and half beads or sequence would defiantly attract many.

Beautifully brightly painted colorful dresses, classic embroideries, handcrafted pieces of Khadi mixed with silk or chiffon accentuates the taste of Khadi and allure people to buy more and more.

Thank you for reading guys... do buy some good stuff made of Khadi and share the pictures..



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