Clothing tips during Monsoon

Wearing right kinds of clothes during monsoon is a big task in itself. As rain drench the city in delight and fervor, it also bring wet and dirty feet, humidity, soaks clothes, roads running like rivers, monsoon drains and what not.. It is this necessity that has caused the advent of monsoon fashion in India. 

Read ahead the tips to dress during monsoon!!

- Bold colors are in and pastels are out simply because the sun is not shining as bright as it was in summer. Fabrics like blended cotton and poly-nylon are ideal for this season

- Choose thick greenery and wild dense colors for the monsoon like deep beige, olive green, bottle green etc or blend in the colors of monsoon, including blue, aqua, indigo and grey

- Women generally do not buy anything major during this season. However, if they need to then accent should be synthetic fabrics, which are easy to wash and ready to use 

- Chiffon and crepe are out as they lose their sheen once they are wet. Silk is best suited for the monsoon. It also gives scope for variation in the hues. People often prefer thicker fabric material as it will keep them warm

- Most women prefer wearing salwar-kameez or leggings or capris' in this season. My personal favorites for monsoon are kurta with legging or capri pants teamed with cotton tops, I think it is the best for the season.

- If you prefer Indian formals, keep away from salwars and patialas; instead pair short kurtis with dark leggings or churidars. Substitute dupattas with soft cotton scarves as they are easy to manage and more likely to keep you warm.

With so much to choose, monsoon will never be looked down upon as a dull and dreary season anymore. With the right clothes, be ready to welcome showers.. :)

Thank you for reading the post :)



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