Sawan and Swings - Monsoon Special

Nostalgia stroked me while reminiscing about ‘Jhoolas’ – Swings and folklores of the month of ‘Sawan’. With time swings disappeared from ‘Neem’ trees and settled into living rooms and it is sad that how the never ending race of being modernized, butchered the innocence and silly joy of the childhood games.

Sawan or Shrawana was traditionally use to observe with swings, folk songs, ‘Ghewar’ etc. Now ‘Ghewar’ turned into a gift on ‘Rakshabandhan’ and hip-hops took the place of ‘Lok-Geet’. Earlier girls used to married off to the faraway places. Transportation was not accessible for the common people and it was hard for the girls to visit their homes frequently. During Sawan, girls returned to their village and meet their childhood friends. Girls share their happiness and sadness with each other and enjoyed the time of the reunion, while swinging on the ‘Neem Jhoolas’.

Back then we use to go to our ‘Baagh’ – Orchard. We use to swing all day long and sung some of the popular folk songs, along with our bachcha party. Now ‘Sawan’ celebrates just for the namesake. It doesn't bring any sentiment now as we have mobile phones available everywhere from urban areas to remotest villages. Now we can talk for hours but the spirit of Sawan, the joy of reunion, is lost with time.

Sawan also brings soft song back... special songs that are tailor-made for the monsoon, including Sawan ke jhoole pade to ab ke sawan aise barse made the monsoon, awesome! In monsoon, swings that have been part of vibrant India are the most in demand.

People still remember their ancestral homes, a huge tree in the courtyard and the swinging, mostly on the neem tree. But now Jhoolas are becoming a part of living rooms. However I still wish to swing with my friends and wants to hum the folk songs – ‘Jhoola To Pad Gaye’, it still charms me and many.

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