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Happy Saturday guys :)

Its been a crazy week, work stuff, studies, fitness, change in weather, cold and fever, 2 lengthy meetings and as if its not enough, I already have a meeting scheduled for sunday... wow November 3rd week is certainly a hit!

I was talking to my mom other day about my busy schedule and lack of energy and she gave me the most common tip of all time, eat well and stay healthy (good mind needs healthy body)... For a couple of minutes it seems pretty common but later when I thought about it I said (to myself), Why not, lets do it... 'challenge accepted' lets try to add more veggies, fruits and whole grains in my regular diet..

So today I am going to share few healthy ideas that I tried recently to keep myself healthy and fit and well prepared for the season...

1) Roasting vegetables is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more of healthy veggies into your daily and weekly menu. It is also one of the tastiest. Try to include at least one sweet vegetable (beet, carrot, sweet potato) for the flavour. 

2) If you are a kind of person who don't like salad, try to sprinkle with dried cranberries, sliced dates, any nuts of your choice or your favorite cheese, to add the fun in the otherwise healthy recipe.

3) You don't like green juice, its ok try to make it tasty add fruits like pomegranates, beats, oranges, honey or lemon to make green juice healthy and fun. All you want is to enhance the taste right... :)

4) You got the veggies in the soup but for you soup will always be a side dish.. Add whole grain bread sticks with soup to make it more full. You can have different flavours of sticks to go with the soup!!

5) Try to add fresh food items.. its not healthy or tasty to eat frozen peas; same goes with the tomatoes or bananas... don't stock up your fridge for 7 days try to buy fruits and vegetable at least 2 times in a week. This would motivate you to eat the correct amount of portion too. 

6) If you can't leave your favorite food then try to pick one day for adding or subtracting particular food type.. Ex. Go for the Meatless-Monday or Tofu (on) Tuesday. 

7) Dedicate your busiest day to veg dishes. There are many recipes that take less than 30 minute to prepare (including cooking time). Would share few 'quick' veg recipes in the other blog post! 

Till then Happy weekend :) And thanks for reading!



  1. Some very good tips. Enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Full of healthy food. Looks yummy. Hope I could have some of it.


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