I haven't done a home decor post in awhile... When I was a teen, I had this crazy idea one day that I was going to be an interior decorator... currently I am working as a media correspondent and also working to spread awareness about the ENVIRONMENT (I love my job by the way)

But, I use my blog to write about things I love to do and in this particular post I m going to share few ideas... if you have something to share please leave your comments below :) 

I am one of those people that definitely prioritizes having a home that is nice and well-decorated. Bare walls, mix matched furniture and no color scheme always disinterest me. I use to search home decor blogs/magazines/videos before (I still do but very little). The problem with online videos or pictures is, when we look at the homes done by the random decorator, that it's so difficult (at least in photos) to imagine the home as your own.

So I read this much stuff in past few years and here is what I can conclude for Home Decor Tips..

Tip 1) Try to pick pieces that are simple and clean...  We don't own any really expensive furniture in our home, but whatever we pick, need to be elegant. Our coffee table for example is the simple table, made of black marble and top cover is glass.

Tip 2) Picture frames, vases, throw pillows and other accessories can make a better statement instead of the heavy furniture that give a castle kind of look. Having said that, I also don't favor the uber-modern space ship look either. I think if you are buying furniture online you should try Pepperfry or UrbanladderHamesha could be use for traditional and unique items.

Tip 3) A lot has been said and written about color selection for walls – furniture, wall decor, artifacts, lighting play a critical role. If you do not intend to change the rest, then it is wise to choose a color that blends well with everything else. Choose wisely to make your home a 'happy home' :)

Tip 4) Use colorful and eco-friendly Indian textiles for decoration. Example, for cushions try; Bandhini aka tie-dye, Kantha - embroidery and textile treatment, woven textile Kilim.. pick your options!! 

Tip 5) Most of us face a metal block similar to writer’s block when it comes to decorating blank areas in our homes. One of the best ways to brighten up any space is to display hand-picked pieces of art. Plants and/or flowers can also do the magic.

Tip 6) DIY (Do it Your-own) is the best way to bring life in any house. Use craft or anything to brighten up the space with your own taste :) Like these,

Thanks for reading :)


A little disclaimer: I don't think my house is superior in furniture or decor style. I like our home and think we have arranged things nicely. These are just suggestions, ultimately you have to decorate your home in your own way! 


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