My First Youtube Video

I like be more productive and creative than I was yesterday, yestermonth or yesteryear. Be it a party preparation, DIY project or anything, I always try to give my best. I really got some wonderful comments on my blog posts and/or on my writings, so I decided to make it to the new level. 

I was actually happy with my blog, it is in a good shape. I am posting more often (from this month) and I have made a goal to do at least 2 posts in a week. But as we all know, we have to step up and do the unpredictable. Although I have many faithful readers but I wanted to explore more, so I did a video today.

Video is a superb way to interact with my readers. I never thought to have a video until yesterday when one of my friend and a dear reader Adam asked me that he wants to listen the post in my voice. And the reason he gave was wonderful, "If I hear your voice just for ones, every time I read your post, your voice will be there in my mind and I can actually imagine you, during your shopping or being on any nature adventure." 

It's true when I read someone's blog, I always wanted to hear that post in his/her voice, so I thought to give it a shot.. I think through this and I have only two things in my mind... am I going to hurt anyone through my video... ANS: NO! am I going to hurt myself... ANS: NO! 

I also thought about the possibilities... On the negative side: people won't like my voice/accent (IT'S OK I CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE), I am not going to look good on the video (IT'S OK I AM NOT AN ACTRESS, I AM JUST A GIRL NEXT DOOR), people may think I am funny (IT'S GOOD TO GIVE SOMEONE A CHANCE TO LAUGH). On the positive side: people may appreciate my effort, people may like my video and demand for more, I may able to connect my readers...  

So I decided to do the video and I do keep it short. I was a one take video for which I want to thank my brother Vikram... My First Youtube Video Click on the link and beware I repeated a word 'AND' more than needed and yes its annoying but hell it's me and its my first video so its ok.

(just a cute thumbnail from the video)

I hope you all going to encourage me for my new hobby.. Thank you for reading :)



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