Treasure Beads, DIY Jewelry Storage

As promised, here’s a post for those who wanted to see a handmade jewelry display and collection. I use to make these little craft items by myself but lately I was got busy into stuff.. so I thought to introduced one of my friend's 'Handcrafted Jewelry and DIY project'. 

'Treasure Beads' wear the magic... is an online showroom/exhibition where you can find Necklace, Bracelets, Earrings, Anklets etc. No more searching all over the internet; I am going to put all of my favorites in one convenient post!

Before I introduced, actual Treasure Beads collection, let me share few ideas; how to keep your jewelry safe...

DIY Lace Trim Hair Clip/Earring Holder

DIY Jewelry Display Tree

DIY Jewelry Branch

DIY Dangling Chain Earring Display

DIY Bottle Bracelet Display

DIY Simple Frame Jewelry Holder

(all the credit goes to the creators, I am sharing for reader's interest)

Now about Treasure Beads (Owner: Archana Gupta Mahajan). The best thing about Treasure Beads is the jewelry is handmade and its quite unique. It is sort of custom made jewelry where you can find Indian traditional touch, elegant westernized jewelry, trendy and modern collection all together.

These pieces are so charming that I don't have proper words to describe them. I'm simply sharing few picture here.

To be honest, my post didn't do the justice.. Treasure Beads have lot to offer, check the link for more information and stay fabulous!

Thanks for reading



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