Happy Fitness :)

Happy Weekend everyone :) Today I met my former trainer, who is in town for 3 days and I arranged a meeting with her to plan my fitness routine. I was super excited to see her. She gave me this list of diet plans and a fitness program according to my work routine. 

To update my daily activity routine real quick... I didn't work out in 5 months. Yep, I last went to gym in June, that time my ankle got twisted and the physiotherapist recommended to slow down. On top of that, I was practically busy every single day (even sundays) from about 9 a.m. morning to 8 p.m evening. I was doing my studies, job and whole lot of stuff together. I could barely function after work because I was so exhausted. So I quit.. 

Stuck into my working schedule, fitness was truly the last thing on my mind and by then, I had zero motivation. I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person that needs as little obstacles as possible in order to stop a workout routine. Yes I am not a fitness freak, I am an ordinary person who needs to be fit but need someone to hover around too so I can stay committed.

But lately I gave myself a break and remembered that in my priorities list 2014, fitness use to be on top five. So what happen if I have no trainer right now, I m still a member of a gym, I still have all the gears at home, I can always try, even if I start with zumba for 5 min, or 15 min yoga, or 10 min brisk walk or anything. As we all know, a healthy mind needs a healthy body :)

So from today, I started my fitness program again. I started with good intentions and promised myself to back up in the healthy zone.  I really hope I will continue on this track. Even four days a week of workouts is a good start for me!

The 3 fundamentals whenever I start my fitness program

1) Log on to myfitnesspal and make an account to update your regular calorie count.
2) Set realistic goals and stick to it (at least try)
3) Don't hurt or starve your self

Here is the plan... :) 

Plan #1) I am going to Exercise at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes to lose weight. Cardio exercise is what burns fat (anything that gets your heart rate up) and burns calories. I am going to exercise on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Pick your days according to your routine.

Plan #2) Stick to Exercise Schedule.. remember If you have time to read this blog and I have time to write this post... we have time to work out!

Plan #3) Listing Food Items: My Healthy Food List includes:

Whole grains- bread, pasta, tortillas, wraps, oatmeal etc.
Vegetables- every single vegetable. I especially like spinach, lettuce, cucumber, peas 
Nuts- In moderation because they're high calorie despite their nutritional benefits

Fruits- every single fruit. I especially like apples, strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, pomegranate etc.
Pulses: every single
Dairy– skim milk, light cheese, yogurt 

Avoid oils and classic fat

Just a note: I started juicing lately and its good.. fresh (green or fruit) juice at home is the key according to me :)

Plan #4) I never cut off entire food groups or my favourite foods completely. The more forbidden something is, the more you'll crave it. So try to pick healthy ingredients for your favorite recipes :) 

Plan #5) I need to drink more water, I hardly drink 6-7 glass per day, during winters it get worse. As odd as it seems, the more water you drink, the more water weight you'll lose.

Plan #6) Weighing myself once a week just to keep the weight track... If your machine shows the same weight after three workouts, don't need to dishearten cause being healthy is not a miracle, you need to keep doing it.. :) 

We can do it.. I know we can.. just stick with me for more updates

Thanks for reading :)



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