“Wedding Season” in India

If you are in India around October-February (probably March too), you will notice the whole nation, either busy in celebrating festivals (Dussehra/Diwali etc.) or gearing up for upcoming marriages.

In India, weddings are times when parents blow a sizeable portion of their life’s savings. It seems like the whole town is invited, as well as most of guests/relatives from neighboring city/states (Aunts, Uncles, Grand Parents from Amritsar, Jaipur or Bhopal).

Weddings are a week long festivities, more or less, for bride and groom may be it lasts for a month or two, for preparation and stuff but for relatives a week time is good enough. From styling hair to purchasing best clothes (best AKA Trendy and should be in Budget). 

One interesting thing about Indian weddings is that anybody and everybody can attend the wedding without any notice.  In a 1000 people plus wedding ceremony no one going to miss you or check on you, until you are one of the closest relative.

People are expected to come around 8-10 PM for meal (if its a night wedding) but even if you are a little late like 11pm no problem, Go, grab a plate and mingle in with the dinner crowd. You don’t have to even meet the bride/bride groom until you are finished.

One more aspect of Indian wedding which left me enchanting is the decoration of the halls or the park. In beautiful and bright colors the place looks like a palace itself. I just love all the lightings and the interiors/exteriors :)

So welcome the Wedding Season and be ready for more posts. In next posts we'll discuss the possible gift items you can give to bride and groom, What should be your attire for this season, Different rituals from different parts of India, Wedding menu etc.

By the way I love reading your comments, not able to reply regularly but thank you for taking the time to leave one.

Again, Thanks for reading :)



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