Python Rescued by Wildlife SOS

Hi Everyone, taking a break from the regular post, this post is dedicated to the great efforts shown by WILDLIFE  SOS Team.. I would say one thing, if you can be friends with animals, you can do wonders in life.. W/L SOS is one organization which always make me proud...

So here is the news;

14 ft Python rescued from the Air Force Station Security Agra by three members of Wildlife SOS team at midnight, on November 10th. The rescuer Shakir, helper Karamvir in the supervision of manager of Wildlife SOS facility Agra, Baiju Raj MV rescued the python which was stuck on a ten foot high wall.

In a risky and daring rescue operation, trained rescuers from the conservation charity organisation Wildlife SOS, rescued the python from the high security wall of Air Force Station. The wall was covered with very sharp razor blade fencing for the security purpose, which further trapped the animal. The poor animal may die there untangle, if the team won't reach on time.

The python had accidentally climbed the wall and was trapped in the razor wire fencing and would have been torn to shred by the razor sharp blades by the fencing, if Wildlife SOS team won’t save the animal. It was a challenging mission for the team. During the rescue mission team too the extreme caution to mind their own safety as well as that of the python. 

Finally, after several hours of working gently, team were able to get the snake into a safe transport container. The rescue team also got some scratches from the fencing while rescuing the python. Currently the rescued snake is under treatment at the rescue facility. 

The python rescued from the Agra Air Force station has got some cuts from the razor blades and currently it is under treatment at the Wildlife SOS hospital. Once the snake has recovered from its injuries, it would be release in the wild.

In the words of Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder, Wildlife SOS: There is a need for us to respect the biodiversity around us. Pythons are feared because of their large size, however they are completely non venomous and often killed due to human ignorance. They are an endangered species and have the same level of protection as the tiger under Wildlife Protection act 1972.”

Being a wildlife enthusiast.. I always welcome people and ideas by which we can conserve our nature/animals :) If you encountered any animal in need, try to help it or call on W/L SOS Hotline number, 9871963535 (For India) or visit WILDLIFESOS.ORG for more info..

Thank you for reading :) 



  1. Great rescue indeed....thanks for sharing... :-)

  2. Great Effort and two thumbs up to Wildlife SOS for rescue. Many thanks for this USEFUL post.


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