Beautiful designs in Nature's bounty

Nature is mother of all inventions. Birds’ nests, spider webs are some of the examples that inspired people for the designing various commodities, including houses, nets etc. Professionals from various fields including architects, engineers and even conservationists use these natural ideas for designing. 

Nest pattern of the Baya bird is quite unique. It stitched the nest using threads and grass. A nest use to have at least two compartments or room like structure. One room is for egg or chicks and other is just a mock room for safety purposes.

The unique Baya nest inspired many for making such unique patterns in houses. The nests not only looks beautiful but it is a finest example of architecture. Turtle back is another example of a distinctive pattern. The back inspired many to create the cottage roof, table surfaces or vases design that have the shades and marks, just identical like turtle back.

Fishing net design is also inspired from spider web but not only nets, some of the finer architecture of the buildings of the ancient eras as well as modern towns are also inspired from the nature. Leaf shape Dubai island houses could be one example. The reason why people use the nature as the inspiration is because nature has some of the best pattern in the world, that soothes everyone.

Termite mound is the best example of a building. Termites made mounds that have shapes that resembled castles or forts. Mounds are not only strong but also architecturally, best for living. They have so many sections that used by the termites for food storage, eggs lying etc. Mounds also have narrow to broad tunnels which hardly got affected in case of storms.

Different bird nests, Beehives, grapevines, large trees are also some examples that are being used by the designers to create wonderful designs.

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