Help T-24, Save Ustad

Today wrote an article on the ongoing campaign 'HelpT24, Save Ustad' for HT, Agra. (Check the link for more information and help the terrorized tiger! 

Meet USTAD and hear his story

A 9 year old Tiger, whose address use to be the wilds of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, currently living on the hot sand bed of Udaipur Zoo. The Tiger's (T24 - Ustad) territory was of more than 40 Sq Kms. In past since 2010 this tiger has killed 3 people. Unfortunately every time it was human interference and had killed for defense. on 8th May 2015 one of the guard who was posted on the entry gate went in the forest and was attacked by Tiger. 

No one was near by, and after an hrs when his body was found then forest guards went in to inquire. There they found Ustad sniffing. So just to make the things easy they passed the blame on him that he has attacked and killed the guard Gheesu. Experts says this was done by his son T-72 (Sultan) coz at the time of attack ustad was sighted bit far. Animal lovers are also not convinced with the story.

A campaign was initiated across India, and a page is also created on Facebook with the name ‘HelpT24’. According to the experts, a tiger could only consider as man-eater when he killed the person and eat the corpse but in this case, officials recovered intact dead body of the forest officers.

In hush to clear the case, officials declared Ustad as Man eater ignoring all the set procedure and guidelines and decides to shift him in Udaipur zoo. After all the protests forest minister and other high officials gave the statement that without proper investigation tiger won't be relocated.

(Later it was disclosed that hotel lobby bribed and pressured the forest department for this. The tiger seems threat for their business. He was tranquilized when he was having his meal with his mate and 2 young cubs. This campaign is not only for him but also for his mate T19 (Noor) and 2 young cubs. Another male who will take over his royal territory will definitely kill his  2 young cubs and in saving them even tigress can get seriously injured.) -  As told by Harsh Agarwal, Wildlife Lover

The territory that use to be 40 Sq km for Ustad now confined to 40 mts. As reported, few months ago in the same cage one tiger died because of infection. To remove the ‘man-eater’ tag from T-24 tiger ‘Ustad’ and to bring him back at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve from the Udaipur Zoo, wildlife lovers initiated a campaign, where they travel place to place and aware people about the issue, organizing Candle march and protesting in front of Agra Fort. 

Animal lovers are against the decision. He is a wild tiger and may not be able to adjust in zoo. Tiger is also a father of the cub and if forest department shift him then what will happen with the cub, as we all know in wild, tigers try to kill other tiger’s cubs to become the Alpha Male!

Dear all, please do help the tiger by showing your concern. Find the page on FB and show your support! Thanks for reading :)


Published article in HT


  1. How do I say, I admire your effort, but I disagree. We do not know what is in tiger's mind. It may be too risky to wait for another man to lose his life. All Tigers will be endangered and threatened.

  2. I work everyday on trying to save T-24 aka Ustad ever sense day one when it came out and I never stop

  3. Thanks and admire your efforts


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