When Animals also say - Happy Mother's Day

Motherly love and the feeling attached with it, is not restricted to the humans only but wide spread even among animals kingdom. Behaviors such as nesting, feeding and camouflaging in animals are part of parental care which is evident in several species.

A mother loves her children equally and protect each one as much as she can :)

Animal do as much care as humans do for their progenies. Prominent parental behavior in animals including making nest for the eggs and chicks to teaching, how to fly, is a long chain of process to show concern for the young ones.

In animals, motherly love emerged with the birth of the new born. In case of monkeys the whole kin support the baby but it is whole time job of mother to carry her baby, to feed the baby and to clean it. One can witness all colors of motherly love in animals; they can't talk but they express as much as we humans do!

Bird is so protective about her eggs and chicks. A mother bird even chased dogs and foxes and such predators and literally attack the predators that are usually five to ten times bigger than the birds, just to save her babies.

Birds and many other animals’ species have the capacity to camouflage. Usually female birds are dull in colors or at least have lighter shade feathers; this is because they have to protect their chicks from predators. Birds usually shade their feathers in nest to make it comfortable for chicks. Other animals like squirrels and rabbits collect cotton and cloth pieces to make the den perfect!

If you look closely, you may find that animals use some of the best techniques to raise their cubs or chicks which even includes delicious three times meals. Thanks for reading and Happy Mothers Day to all the moms :)



  1. O...this is so beautiful. I loved this post. Great post on Mother's day.


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