Product Review: Avon

When I started my blog four years ago (has it seriously been FOUR years?), I focused a lot on travelling post and reviewing products. My blog was new, and I was so excited to share my experiences of places and products that I had discovered along the way.

I don't try as many new products as I used to, but every once in awhile I find products worthy of sharing---and to continuou the trend; today I'm sharing a few products that did work out for me and I can easily recommend it to anyone.

The story began in December, one of my best friend gifted me a new perfume (so sweet she is). I used that perfume just a tad bit and assured her to give a detail review later. I actually liked the scent so I enquired more about the brand! 

Avon Perfumes --- she said, and asked me to try another fragrance of the brand. Femme is the name of the perfume, that I tried and I can only use one word for it, it FAB :) She told me that Avon also has a range of beauty products and I should try some of them. 

I ordered few products and today I am going to give a review of  those products that really really really suits me. 

First let me introduce the Orchid and Blue Berry Shower Gel. The gel is a bliss! the scent is perfect and long lasting, the texture is so soft and soothing. Recommended for everyone! It comes in the naturals body care range of the Avon and just perfect for the summers.

Another product is Naturals Carbon Deep Clear Cleanser. Having a full time outdoor job and regular contact with sun, dust and what not made my skin really unhealthy. Face washes works but not as much as they suppose to and this cleanser is come for my rescue! It is cream based and one suppose to apply it using fingertips and clean out using cotton pad or tissue.

And last but not the least Complete Balance Oil Control Mattifying Toner. The toner keeps the oil under control and very refreshing for the skin. It removes the last traces of cleanser, dirt and make up. I even used on my acnes and no irritation appears whatsoever. What I felt is my acnes reduces after using this toner. Totally worth the price. 

So these are my favorites from AVON so far. Would review more and let you guys know! Thank you for reading!



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