Naturopathy: It's nature's way!

To combat the health problems in the hot and unpleasing summers, people are opting cooler ways such as Yoga and Naturopathy to stay healthy and fit.

One of the most amazing thing about the present time is that today we live in such a world in which most people know about their interior parts of their cars and working capacity of their computers, more, but they don't know what's going on beneath the surface of their own bodies.

Yoga practitioner and generally most of the people in India, believes that, God had created human body as temple of worship, but we abuse and misuse this unique life hence suffer a lot with different types and combinations of diseases and troubles. They believe that unless we follow the nature closely, we will keep on suffering.

Accumulation of foreign waste matter in the body is the basic cause of all diseases. Symptoms like constipation, indigestion, flatulence, acidity, etc are the warnings that body is not healthy. And the befitting reply to stay healthy is, NATUROPATHY. More than 90 percent of the diseases are self created and easily treatable, if we follow the nature's rule. Naturopathy is not the treatment but a way of life. 

Naturopathy is a method of treatment by natural products, such as using mud, hot and cold bath, fruits and herbs juice etc that help the body to get rid of toxin, which entered in body due to junk food and unhealthy lifestyle. These days natural methods that are attracting the mass are mud therapy, hydrotherapy, cleansing drinks, detoxification with enema, fasting, exercise, etc. 

For the those who wanted to reduce their weight should know that, naturopathy sometimes reduce as much as 5 kg in a month, which is  according to me is super cool. After the treatment and detoxification, natural diet should be followed. Cleansing and healing by nature is the best cure. If you suppress the acute conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying the foundation for chronic diseases. So better is to uproot the disease completely. 

Hope you guys get motivated... tell me if any one you are already taking such treatments... share your story in the comment section! Thanks for reading... stay healthy :) 



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