River-Connect to save Yamuna

Hey guys, today's post is dedicated to the awesome people, who are trying to save River Yamuna! People come and go but those who are actually doing something, deserve a salute!! Today lets talk a programme that strengthen the connection between River and us!

After emerging from Yamunotri, River Yamuna, struggle for keeping her existence as pure as possible but by reaching Agra it turned into a big mess. The journey of Yamuna begin with purity and in Agra, people are also trying to maintain her status! 

As part of the Yamuna conservation, ‘River Connect’ campaign was also initiated in Agra by the intellectuals. River-Connect is a wide reaching community project, which connect various partners, such as local people, environmentalists with the river. Agarites also begin ‘River Connect’ drive to make people aware about the importance of Yamuna... Environmentalists and public together worship River Yamuna and performed ‘Aarti’ on Yamuna ghat...

The 'Save Yamuna' demand is quite old and people are using different ways to protect the mighty river. By doing the regular ‘Aartis’ people are actually trying to connect with the river. Grand aartis are being performed on various ghats, on special occasion. Recently 501 earthen lamps were enlightened on the ghat as part of worship.

People consider Yamuna as a goddess and shameful that once use to be the source of pure water, now Yamuna fighting for her existence. Worshipping Yamuna is an ancient practice and for conserving the river, Agraites begin the century old practice again. The ‘River Connect’ campaign is one of the steps, towards making the River Yamuna, healthy again.

Intellects from various educational centers, members of clubs and NGOs, religious people and environmentalists are participating in the Aartis regularly, which according to me is fabulous experience. If you are visiting Agra, do visit Ambedkar Setu and join hands for the excellent cause!!

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  1. Connecting river is a great idea. Though environmental activists are against it. But this may be one way to prevent flood by channelising water. It may open up river way to travel from one place to another. Fresh water that gets wasted, can be harvested. I think we should do this.

  2. yes, this is a nice idea, but besides, there are other ways also to reinvigorate the dying rivers. If govt wishes, it can release the water which is stored for the purpose of the electricity generation, dams have been erected on the chest of the rivers and one of the major point is that to earn a lot of money some capitalist along with the government are providing water to the neighboring countries only for the electricity generation.....these things must be stopped ....river will again flooded with water as there is an enormous water that melt every year.

  3. For save Yamuna river we have to do some steps .


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