protect 'Biodiversity'

On the same date, 8 years back, I took a decision to be an environmentalist, on the occasion of 'International Day for Biodiversity' and took a pledge to honor the biodiversity, environment and every single species on earth!

This was a rather a small step in the world of great environmentalists but after the decision, my life and my perspective to look at the nature has completely changed (for example, am a vegan now)!

Well back to the topic; today's blog is about the International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) and its significance. The day is observed to honor all the animal and plant species, by signifying their importance under different themes. This year’s theme of the IDB is – Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.

So the major questions are:

Why biodiversity is important for us?
How can biodiversity be preserved in a world in which traditional ecosystems are increasingly being displaced by 'man-made nature'?

Biodiversity is an important part of making life livable on Earth. It provides us with an array of foods and materials. Simply put, biodiversity is life or one can say it anchors nature’s life support system. Biodiversity, protects the species that are ecologically significant and it restore habitats that have been degraded.

and how one can protect the biodiversity... It's rather simple by respecting nature, by taking care of biodiversity, by reducing the waste, by saving water, by using solar energy... in short by taking small steps of conservation every day!

let's hear it from the experts also: 

Marine Biologist SR Sumant describes biodiversity as the most vital things for life. According to Sumant, “Conserve biodiversity if you wanted to eat, breathe and live on the planet. Though global warming is a geological process we cannot put the complete blame of our suffering on the geological time scale, we need to save the earth for better living.”


Sumant added that, “Biodiversity day could be another date in the calendar but we should pledge everyday for sustainable living with better scientific knowledge to steer clear of further deterioration of the living systems on the planet.”


Pankaj Koparde, Program Fellow Officer at Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, said, “This day is especial for us because we celebrate our real wealth on the day. Biodiversity is our true companion on the planet. We should respect and care for our biodiversity and biodiversity will save us in future.”

Kanika Srivastava, Environmental enthusiast shared her views with HT and said, “We should understand that all the species are made up of the same elements, have similar biological systems and are deeply interconnected genetically and are interdependent ecologically.”


Kanika further added, “Saving other species literally means saving our own future. Life is the sole essence of beauty and wonder on this planet. We must value life in every form and have compassion for our rich biodiversity.”

Thanks for reading... let's celebrate the day and pledge to protect mother nature!



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